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Cleaning Products For Food & Beverage & Dairy Industry

Chemtex offers a wide range of cleaning chemicals for industrial and institutional cleaning. Our range of Cleaning Chemicals For Food & Beverage, Dairy Industry includes germicide cleaner, cip caustic additive, cip cleaning chemical, cleaning chemicals, chlorinated foaming cleaner, general purpose neutral liquid cleaner, bottle washing chemical additive, high foaming alkaline degreaser cleaner.

Chemtex offers a wide range of cleaning products and chemicals for industrial and institutional cleaning, degreasers and decarbonizing that are designed for various applications depending upon:-

  • type of soil to be removed
  • metallurgy of system
  • methods of cleaning such as cip (cleaning-in-place) and opc (open-plant-cleaning)
  • foaming characteristics (high or low)
  • ph values
  • cationic / anionic / non-ionic surfactant based
  • chelation value (cv) required
  • emulsification characteristics

Chemtex speciality limited offers a wide range of cleaning chemicals (cleaners) and cleaning additive for food and beverage, dairy, brewery, pharma, marine industry:-

    • General Purpose Neutral Liquid Cleaner
    • Cip Caustic Additive
    • Bottle Washing Chemical Additive
    • Cip Cleaning Chemical
    • Acidic Detergent Cleaner For Aluminum
    • Germicide Cleaner (Cleaning Agent)
    • High Foaming Alkaline Degreaser Cleaner
    • Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner
    • Foamless Alkaline Cleaner
    • Non-Fuming Acidic Descaler

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