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Poly Electrolyte Acrylamide Based Flocculants & Coagulants

Many problems are associated with waste water collection and treatment such as solids accumulation, foaming, sludge dewatering, high b. O. D. , high color, heavy metals and offensive odors. Chemtex’s poly electrolytes or poly acrylamides improve the performance of waste water process and clarifier operation, thus producing less carryover and foaming, lower b. D. P. , drier sludge and removal of offensive odors.

Our range of poly electrolyte flocculants includes cationic, anionic and non-ionic liquid and powder polymers with  low and high molecular weights.


Sewage Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Effluent Water Treatment, Clarification Of Sugar Juice, Pulp And Paper, Color Removal etc.


Chemical Type Poly aAcrylamide
Form Liquid And Powder
Grade Anionic, Cationic And Non-ionic
Molecular wt. Product Specific
Solubility Completely soluble in water and glycol coolant


The amount of chemical required to perform depends on the type of application and product. The specific dosage rates and method will be specified by the csl technical representative.


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HVAC Cleaning Chemicals

We offer HVAC Cleaning Chemicals. These Cleaning chemicals for hvac industry play a vital role in keeping industrialImage heating and cooling equipments operating efficiently. Of particular importance is the removal of foulants such as machine oils, grease, metal oxides, metal working fluids, dust-dirt and inorganic foulants. Cleaning of new closed loop chiller water or brine systems is just as important as cleaning old ones.


Closed Loop Chiller Water System Maintenance is a very vital part of hvac and acnr maintenance program. Heavy losses can be incurred due to minute negligence in the closed loop system maintenance, in terms of power loss, system efficiency loss, htf (heat transfer fluid) and refrigerant fouling and degradation, loss of system life, unscheduled maintenance and cleaning jobs for descaling and fixing leaks and bursts due to corrosion. The major area of closed circuit maintenance are: proper system cleaning, derusting & passivation after commissioning and controlling corrosion. Since, fouling of heat transfer fluids or water can cause heavy corrosion of system metal and degradation of htf properties. Fouled system result in drastically reduced heat transfer efficiency and cooling capacity of the system. Chemtex speciality ltd offers a wide range of cleaning chemicals for hvac industry:-


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Closed Loop Chiller Water Non-Oxidizing Microbiocide

A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool air or equipment as required.


Cooling towers are heat removal devices used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere. Cooling towers may either use the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to near the wet-bulb air temperature or in the case of closed circuit dry cooling towers rely solely on air to cool the working fluid to near the dry-bulb air temperature.


Biocides and MicroBiocides are chemicals that prevent and eradicate unwanted biological fouling from the system. Biocides are of various nature such as oxidizing, non-oxidizing, cationic, anionic etc. Biological Fouling or Biofouling is the undesirable accumulation of micro-organisms, algae and diatoms, plants, and animals on surface, pipelines and heat-exchangers of cooling systems. Bio-fouling can be of aerobic (that require oxygen) or anerobic (that don’t require oxygen) organisms. In general the former is found in Cooling Towers and the later in closed circuit systems.


Another very important reason for using Cooling Tower Micro Biocides in cooling towers is to prevent the growth of Legionella, including species that cause legionellosis or Legionnaires’ disease, most notably L. pneumophila, or Mycobacterium avium. The various Legionella species are the cause of Legionnaires’ disease in humans and transmission is via exposure to aerosols—the inhalation of mist droplets containing the bacteria. Common sources of Legionella include cooling towers used in open recirculating evaporative cooling water systems, domestic hot water systems, fountains, and similar disseminators that tap into a public water supply.


Micro biocides function in eradication of sulfate reducing bacteria, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that are formed and found in Cooling Tower Water.Micro Biocides are very vital for Closed and Open Circuit Cooling Water Treatment.


TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) micro biocides are compatible with heat transfer fluids (HTF) and can be used without any fear of corrosion of chlorine addition to the system or depletion or degradation of HTF and corrosion of PHE (plate type heat exchangers)


Chemtex’ s Closed loop Micro biocide surpasses the performance of other such less effective closed loop treatment chemicals (such as Nalco 7330, Nalco 77352NA etc.)



Engine Jacket, Chiller Water Circuit, Glycol Brine System, Hot Water Circuit, Engine Coolant, Process chilling and heating etc.



Chemical Type:Organic/Inorganic Chemical Compound (TCF)


Specific Gravity :Ranges from 1.0-1.2 depending upon product

Solubility:Completely Soluble in Water



The amount of Closed Loop Biocide required to inhibit or remove bio fouling depends on the type of system, application, re-circulating fluid property and plant operating conditions. The specific dosage rates will be specified by the CSL technical representative.


Major Benefits:

    1. Prevention of Bio-fouling of system
    2. Avoid plugging of nozzles
    3. Avoids MIC (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion)
    4. Prevent Water Borne Diseases
    5. Improve heat loss because living organisms cause rise in temperature of water
    6. Does not add chloride to the system


To prevent the growth of virus bacteria in cooling tower, Chemtex’s Closed Loop Chiller Water Non-Oxidizing Microbiocide is the best solution. To know more,  mail to or call to +91-33-71111111. Not only about the above chemical but also the details of other type of industrial chemicals like inhibited glycols, water treatment chemicals, boiler chemicals, ro chemicals, cooling chemicals, heat transfer fluids, Acid inhibitors (Rodine Type), cleaning chemicals, descaling chemicals etc can be found in above contact details.

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Sub Zero Temperature PCM Eutectic Salts and Solutions


Sub Zero Temperature PCM Eutectic Salts and Solutions

CHEMTEX manufactures more than 160 grades and types of PCM (Phase Change Material/Media) and Eutectic Salts and Solutions for different melting temperature and latent heat requirements.The range covers products having Melting Point from (-)65°C to 0°C.


Chemtex’s intensive R&D is capable of developing Phase Changing Materials for every given application and for every desired temperature within the mentioned range.The range covers all products that are equivalent or even better than PlusICE range.


General Name: Phase Change Material, Phase Change Media, PCM, Eutectics Sailts and Solutions


Product Description:

Eutectic Salts and Solutions are chemical formulation which change state (i.e. Freezes & Thaws) without changing temperature. Chemtex manufactures various grades and types of PCM Eutectic Salts and Solutions for different melting temperature and latent heat requirements.


The range covers all products having melting point from (-)65°C to 0°C in both Liquid & Gel Form


Negative temperature PCM Eutectic Salts and Solutions Application:

 Temperature controlled packaging, frozen food transportation, ice cream vending, medical passive cooling, medicine & vaccine transport, automotive cooling applications, marine refrigeration, food stall cooling, cold store back-up, transport refrigeration, body cooling, temperature controlled transport, refrigerator energy saving, cryogenic back up etc.

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Above Zero Temperature PCM Products

General Name: Phase Change Material, Phase Change Media, PCM, PCM Products


Product Description:

Phase Change Materials/Medias are chemical formulation which change state (i.e. Freezes & Thaws) without changing temperature. Chemtex manufactures various grades and types of PCM Products for different phase change temperature and latent heat requirements.

The range covers all products having phase change point from 0°C to (+)115°C


Positive temperature PCM Products Application:

Drink cooling, drink vending, medicine & vaccine, air conditioning, building passive cooling, chilled food transport, water heating, heat storage, solar heating, waste heat rejection systems, telecommunication, shelter cooling, electronic / battery cooling, co-generation / trigen systems, transport, heat pumps etc.


Chemtex Speciality Limited is one of the leading company in this industrial chemical market séance 1970 and successfully dealing with not only the PCM products but also with its wide range of different industrial chemicals like corrosion inhibitors, water treatment chemicals, inhibited glycol solution etc. More detail information is available in viewers also can contact CSL by dialing +91-33-71111111.

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Inhibited Sulfamic Acid Boiler Descalant

Chemtex Speciality Limited is engaged in formulation and supply of a entire range of Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals. These chemicals are used for removing and preventing mineral scale deposition and rusting of the water / steam side of boiler internals.


Chemtex contribute to the overall safety of operation of the boiler or water.  And assist in the maintenance of high heat-transfer efficiency in boiler or water heater by:-

  • Preventing deposition of precipitated scale or other debris
  • Preventing corrosion or deterioration of surfaces in contact with water


Boiler Feed water treatment chemicals removes dissolved oxygen and reduce corrosion in the feed water circuit and thus protects the equipment against damage and reducing the potential for unscheduled downtime. These chemical treatments also reduce the amount of metal oxides and metal hydroxides (rust) entering the boiler to maintain clean boiler tubes and improves fuel efficiency.


Boiler internal treatment chemicals maintains clean boiler tubes surfaces and minimize metal cavitation (corrosion) – reducing the chance of overheating or failure. Control of corrosion and scale deposition helps to increase plant reliability and availability. It protects equipment, and reduces over all maintenance and fuel costs. In addition, some treatment chemicals can reduce the tendency for boiler water to carry over to the steam, thus, protects superheaters and steam turbines from damages.


Descalants or Descaling Agents are chemical compounds that effectively dissolves, disperse or purge the scales, rust and soil deposits from heat exchangers and pipelines by means of re-circulation method, fill and soak method or immersion method. A descalant is always designed by keeping in mind the type of deposit and metallurgy of the system. Proper Corrosion Inhibitors are added in descalants to avoid damage to system metals.


After acidic descaling of system, it is important to passivate and neutralize the system with proper Passivating Agents for avoiding chances of flash rusting after descaling. In some cases Scale Softeners and mechanical means like brushing and scrubbing of tubes is also required for heavily fouled systems.

Descaling is a labor oriented job and requires system downtime. Hence, the use of alternatives such as Online Descalants and Antiscalants are getting popular. Chemtex offers a wide range of descalants under its registered trade names for various types of small, medium and large size boilers.


Chemtex’s Inhibited Sulfamic Acid Boiler Descalants are sulfamic acid based descalant combined with corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent, to provide corrosion protection to metal during descaling and giving optimum cleaning of water side of heat exchangers and boilers.


It also aids in removal of loose corrosion products, organic foulants, and dirt, clay and silt deposits. It is used for descaling of high and low pressure boilers, heat exchangers etc., and is safe for aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron, brass, admiralty metal, titanium, copper and copper alloys, PVC plastic, rubber or leather when used as directed.


Equivalent or even better than MAXCLEAN 05

  • Form and Appearance : White Powder
  • Odor : Nil
  • pH (neat) : < 1.0 (Unit pH)
  • Solubility : 100.00%


Dosage and Method:-

Chemtex’s Inhibited Sulfamic Acid Boiler Descalants are non-inflammable and biodegradable chemical compound and does not give off obnoxious fumes. The method of using it is very simple and basic. It is dosed exactly as per the dosage rate and method of MAXCLEAN 05.


Key Features & Benefits:-

  • Effective removal of hard scale deposits from heat exchanger
  • Corrosion Inhibited and safe for system Metal and components
  • Excellent wetting characteristics to aid in removal of organic and greasy foulants
  • Biodegradable product
  • Easy to handle


Chemtex Speciality Limited is one of the leading company in this industrial chemical market séance 1970 and successfully dealing with not only the boiler water treatment chemicals but also with its wide range of different industrial chemicals like inhibited glycol, chiller chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, water treatment chemicals, ro chemicals etc.

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